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Buy 3 months program in super offer
Buy 3 months program in super offer

Pricing of the Products

Price goes by various names-freight, fare, license fee, tuition fee, professional charge, rent, interest, etc. But price in an enterprise/business system is seldom so simple. By definition, price is the money that customers must pay for a product or service. In other words, price is an offer to sell for a certain amount of currency.

Here, the word, offer indicates that price is subject to change if there are found insufficient number of customers at the original price of the product. That is why prices are always on trial. If they are found to be wrong, either they must be immediately changed or the product itself must be withdrawn from the market.

Pricing of the product is something different from its price. In simple words, pricing is the art of translating into quantitative terms the value of a product to customers at a point of time. Someone has opined that, “The key to pricing is to build value into the product and price it accordingly.”